DecorArts choose to use acrylic board instead of glass to keep art prints protected. Many customer may be curious why we choose acrylic, and here are the reasons:
  • Impact Resistance: Acrylic has a higher impact resistance than glass. It is also 10 times more shatter resistant than glass, preventing it from breaking easily.
  • UV Blocking: Acrylic is capable to providing 99% UV blocking, whereas most standard grade glass blocks almost none. In which it would protect the color of the art print from fading!
  • Weight: Acrylic weighs approximately 50% less than glass. The light weight of acrylic could help to protect your wall when the art print is hang to the wall.
  • Malleability: Acrylic can be formed into shapes with ease while also maintaining excellent optical properties. Glass can be shaped into curves but is somewhat restricted.  
  • Shipping cost: The lighter the art print, the less you would have to pay for shipping! 
  • Scratch Resistance: New developments in hard coating technology on acrylic decreases visible scratch compared to glass.