Stretched Canvas
Stretched Canvas
Stretched Canvas
Golden Frame
Golden Frame

Chrysanthemums. Claude Monet Art Reproduction.

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Framed (F85)

What Is 'Jerusalem Artichoke Flowers'?

'Jerusalem Artichoke Flowers' is a famous Impressionist painting completed by Claude Monet in 1880. It has all the hallmarks of an Impressionist painting, with short brushstrokes, unblended colors, and a nontraditional de-emphasis of the object being painted in the composition. The painting itself features a large bouquet of yellow-orange flowers ringed by dark green leaves in a white vase. A multi-colored wreath encircles the vase at its base, which is sitting on an apparently wooden brown table. The background is a pinkish gray.

Understanding paintings like 'Jerusalem Artichoke Flowers' is impossible without a solid grounding of the movement and artist that helped form it. By studying, not just this painting, but the painter who made it and the style it helped form, you will gain a better understanding not just of the painting itself, but of its significance at large. Impressionism remains a huge influence in the modern cultural and artistic world. Thus, educating yourself on this most popular and well loved of styles cannot but help improve your understanding of world at large.

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20x16 in, 24x20 in, 30x24 in, 20x16 in + Frame, 24x20 in + Frame


Canvas, Framed (F85)