3 Stunning Panoramic Landscapes

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3 Stunning Panoramic Landscapes
The effect of a panoramic landscape is both calming and awe inspiring! We invite you to check out 3 featured below.
lion's peak

A mountain peak full of history --Lion's Rock, known as Sigiriya in Sri Lanka, is an ancient fortress built during the 5th century. Although long abandoned, it remains one of the most well preserved archeological sites of urban planning and sure makes for a breathtaking vantage point.

sun and moon landscape art
Both the sun and moon hang over the evergreen thicket sitting upon a crystal clear lake. Reflect on the passing of time while admiring this tastefully done composite photo, the merging of 2 photos taken at different times of the day to create a stunning narrative piece.
DECORARTS - Roszutec Mountains. Winter Snowy Mountain
This absolutely stunning wintery stretch of enchanted forest is guarded by a highly emblematic mountain of the Slovak Carpathians, often mentioned by the locals as the "most beautiful mountain" of their country.
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