5 Abstract Art Pieces For Your Consideration

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5 Abstract Art Pieces For Your Consideration


the archer kandinsky abstract painting


‘Picture of An Archer’ by Wassily Kandinsky

A flurried patchwork of brilliant jewel tones, it could be hard to make out the subject. But look closer and you can see the archer on horseback aiming his bow. In the foreground, men stand in Russian dress; behind them are a house, a tower, the mountains, and a bent spire. The archaic weapon, traditional costumes, buildings, and radiant rural setting intensify the historic nostalgia. Kandinsky was the first modern artist to paint an entirely abstract composition. He took his approach from Avant Garde Paris, but used it to create an Eastern landscape honoring the folktales of his native Russia.

abstract cubism wall art

‘Supremist Composition’ by Kazimir Malevich

This minimal constellation of geometry and color in space makes for a bold avant garde painting and statement. Kazimir Malevich was a Russian painter known as a pioneer of geometric abstraction. In 2018 it was sold at a Christie's auction for $85.8 million with fees to art dealer Brett Gorvy. It was the highest price paid for a work in the history of Russian art

prism colorful geometric wall art

Prism Minded

A graphically inclined take on wall art, this polyhedron with painted textures is modern and playful. Very versatile, it would look great in a living room, study, office, or even your bedroom. In any case, it would add a quirky, contemplative, and cerebral vibe to any space you choose.

pastel abstract painting wall art

Pastel Abstraction

An atmospheric mashup of pastel colors, edgy textures, and cloudy suggestions of geometric shapes, this fresh abstract painting is effortlessly cool and contemporary.

mondrian geometric colorblock wall art


‘Composition with Red, Blue and Yellow’ by Piet Mondrian

Mondrian composed this painting keeping in mind the harmonies of contrast, balance, and the tension of dynamic forces. The color blocks, which he called ‘Plains’ of color, play off each other to bounce your eyes around the composition. You can discern just how much variation is possible using this color scheme. The rigid geometric composition and balance reflects the artist’s desire for a universal truth while expressing a deeply intimate world view.