5 Stunning American Landscape Paintings

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5 Stunning American Landscape Paintings

Landscape paintings are a classic subject for wall art, and would fit with almost any decor and appease a variety of tastes. We invite you to view a selection of Great American Landscapes by the painters of the Hudson River School! Click on the pictures if you are interested in hanging one in your home.


rocky mountains painting wall decor
DECORARTS - A Storm in the Rocky Mountains

A key member in the Hudson River School of Art, Bierstadt aimed to depict the vastness of the mountains, masterfully capturing the contrast of the regions shaded in storm against the ones bathed in sunlight. Peering through a break in the clouds in the far distance is a snow-capped Mt. Rosalie, named after Bierstadt’s wife. Albert himself became so well liked in Colorado that they named a mountain after him.


snow scene painting wall art
DECORARTS - Snow Scene by Bruce Crane

This winter landscape is placid and bare, the sweeping multicolored horizon draws the attention off to the distance. The spare and clever use of color would provide a much needed pop of color in minimally adorned rooms or a refreshing simplicity to rooms that already have a lot of decor.




niagra falls painting


DECORARTS - Niagara Falls by Frederic Edwin Church

With the breathtaking vantage point and realistically rendered water and mist, this sweeping panoramic view of the Niagara falls is the most important work by one of America’s most important landscape artists. It’s an exhilarating painting, perfect for lovers of naturalistic scenes.


merced river landscape painting

DECORARTS -Merced River, Yosemite Valley, Albert Bierstadt

Located in the Yosemite Valley of central California, the Merced River was one of the many destinations on the westward journeys of painter Albert Bierstadt. This landscape reflects Bierstadt’s membership in the Hudson River School, a group of painters known for their romanticized and highly detailed landscapes full of dramatic lighting.

monterey bay painting wall art

DECORARTS - Glimpse of Monterey Bay by Raymond Dabb Yelland

A familiar view to anyone who has ever driven up the Pacific Coast Highway. The windy, rocky landscape has always been scenic and inspiring to generations of Californian artists.