5 Uplifting Van Gogh Paintings to Brighten your Wall 

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5 Uplifting Van Gogh Paintings to Brighten your Wall 

As autumn continues and the days get shorter, many tend to feel the winter blues. Art can serve as décor and also a solace. Finding a joyful painting can positively affect your mood.


the siesta van gogh wall art


Noon: Rest from Work

What could be more idyllic than a warm nap in the sun? Despite the peaceful nature of the subject, this painting radiates Van Gogh's renowned artistic intensity.


sunflowers by vincent van gogh




sunflowers by van gogh



Van Gogh found great joy painting Sunflowers, decorating his art studio with many panels of these sunny blooms. These represent a bright, hopeful time in Van Gogh’s life. It inspires us to find strength in our inspirations. 


Irises in vase print van gogh



Another still life from Van Gogh’s more hopeful times, the sunny background really makes the violet petals pop.


almond blossoms print van gogh


Almond Blossom Tree

Van Gogh painted this as a gift to his nephew and namesake. Flowering trees represented rebirth and new hope, a concept Vincent often thought about to brighten his days. A popular choice, a giant sprawling print of this conveys a sense of elegance and calm.