Custom Frames: Made in USA advantage

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Custom Frames: Made in USA advantage

We are thrilled to present a new way to shop our products! We have always wanted to allow our customers to choose their print and then browse our entire collection of frames to select the most suitable one. Because our products are both constructed on site AND made to order, we would be able to offer unparalleled customization for both a reasonable price and fast delivery. The obstacle has always been figuring out a webstore solution. 


custom framing for wall art


We found an independent third party web-developer, whose proprietary software allows customers to browse our entire inventory of frames and choose the one they like. This works well but some issues did pop up. One being that not every frame was suitable to go with every dimension! Thinner frames are not suited for larger paintings and vice versa. Some frames could not hold a mat, and so on. Also, being faced with so many options could be quite overwhelming, especially online.

The other issue is that we had trouble directing traffic here. Amazon is still the major reason our customers find us, so to offer vast frame options on Amazon was an important goal for us. We carefully match art with, in our view, the most suitable frame in our collection. We consider how universally appealing a frame may be and try to choose one that would work with many styles of décor. However, it is naturally quite limiting to only have one option! Sometimes it may not be the perfect frame to our customer -- it may clash with their décor or just be a matter of personal taste. 

The Storm on the Sea of Galilee Rembrandt

We would hate to lose a customer based on something we can easily swap out, like the frame. Because of this, we have always allowed our customers to request other frames if they see a different one that they like more on another painting. Of course, this is not an ideal way to offer customization. There had to be a way to show our customer all the suitable frames available for the canvas print they have chosen. 


custom frames for wall art


Enter Amazon’s custom options update! Although there are still some limitations in the number of frames we can offer, our customers can now browse through a curated collection. For each dimension, we only suggest frames that are proportionally suited, and it narrows down the list to avoid overwhelming our customers. We are getting ready to change all of our products to allow for expanded frame customization options. We are currently trying it out with some new Medieval and Religious Art we invite you to view on our Amazon page.

the hunt Pieter Bruegel

You can also shop with us knowing that you are supporting a local small business. With our made to order production model, less waste also ends up in landfills! We are always keeping an eye on trends so fine art lovers can hang their favorite paintings in style.