DecorArts: Environmentally Conscious Wall Art 

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DecorArts: Environmentally Conscious Wall Art 

The United Nations Climate Change Summit in Glasgow wrapped up November 13, 2021 after approximately 14 days of discussions between world leaders to mitigate climate change. There were talks to decrease reliance on coal power and fossil fuels, particularly in manufacturing giants China and India. There were discussions to financially support developing countries that are the most impacted by climate change. Around the world, marches took place during the summit to demand more urgency from our world leaders.

Climate change is a global issue and should be an ongoing discussion in the public consciousness. Large American Corporations as well as those in other developed countries are the ones creating the demand for more manufacturing in countries like China and India. 

 Many businesses are being increasingly eco-conscious, or perhaps only pretending to be. The act of doing business and generating capital will always have environmental consequences, no matter how careful a business can be. This is an unavoidable part of participating in modern society. For decades, leading scientists have warned us of the severity of climate change and global warming. What to do if generating capital is a necessary part of survival, even when it’s destroying the environment?

This is the complex question that the United Nations meets to discuss once every five years. In the meantime, everyone else can only hope that new laws and regulations will actually make a difference. To take action, one can hold a rally or try to make more eco conscious personal choices. The effects of these actions are miniscule on the grand scale of things, with more and more large corporations building factories overseas. However, individuals have the power to speak with their dollar. 

Usually we all make purchases with the cost and perceived quality of the item in mind. We at DecorArts believe we struck the right balance with those. On top of that, due to our made to order in the US business model, DecorArts naturally has less waste and leaves a smaller carbon footprint compared to big box stores and to many of our competitors who import their products from overseas. 

We’re at a crossroads regarding the future. On one hand, it’s entirely possible that we will grow even more reliant on overseas production. One the other hand, the pandemic and the current ongoing supply chain crisis is proving to us the importance of bolstering our domestic manufacturing capabilities. Small businesses like DecorArts are the lifeblood of America and the key to reconciling industry and climate change, but many cannot survive in this current economy. By choosing to purchase your wall art from us, you are supporting a small business with employees in America. We invite you to view our youtube channel with behind the scenes footage of our warehouse in California! 



We base our operations here not because it is cheaper, or even because it’s the most environmentally friendly (that’s just a bonus), but because we can better control the quality of our products. At the end of the day, this is what matters most to us and our customers. In the spirit of this article, we invite you to view our gallery of stunning photographic landscapes around the world where nature is still thriving, places that are inspiring to see and must be protected. You will receive a beautiful ready to hang piece of art with quality guaranteed or your money back!

Eibsee Lake Mountain lake photography wall art
Pictured here is Lake Eibsee.
full moon over Mont blanc
click here to purchase this gorgeous night scene of the full moon watching over Mont Blanc!