Elevate Your Space with Wall Art: Crafting a Personal Oasis of Solitude

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Nueschwanstein Castle Germany Autumn Landscape

Witnessing my home gradually filling up with cherished possessions brings about a heartwarming sensation. In comparison to venturing out for social interactions, spending weekends alone at home allows my inner self to flourish.

Maldives, Sunset over Beach

The daily grind of work can be exhausting, and trying to keep up with current trends during downtime, forcing oneself into social interactions, only diminishes the sense of freedom and joy. Slowly but surely, one can lose oneself in the complexities of life.

The Neuschwanstein Castle

Someone once said that life has three levels:

The first level is material life,

The second level is spiritual life,

The third level is soul life.

Just like the arrangement of my home, I aspire to witness beautiful scenery without stepping outside. I yearn for sunlight flooding into the house on sunny days. During renovations, I removed the sliding doors in the balcony and the kitchen's French doors, creating a seamlessly connected and spacious living area with a breathtaking view. I framed the beauty of each season within my home.

River Landscape

Every aspect of my home is meticulously chosen according to my preferences, from major appliances to small details like throw pillows, blankets, and even the trash bin.

On a rainy morning, leaning against the floor-to-ceiling window, I enjoy the view outside, letting my mind wander. When tired, I stretch out on the sofa, shedding all defenses, reveling in the freedom and relaxation.

The waterfall in Seljalandfoss

May everyone treat themselves gently:)

In this chaotic world, we all need a place where we can drop the facades – a place forever known as home.