How To Choose Your Wall Art Part 2

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How To Choose Your Wall Art Part 2

Now that you have determined the kind of subject you prefer in a piece of art, you may wonder if it would be harmonious with your existing décor. In our next installment on how to choose your wall art, we will explore how to choose art based on your décor style.


Tiger in thunder storm painting jungle decor


After you choose a picture that sings to your soul, now you must figure out how to display it artfully in your home, office, etc.! Your décor style and taste in artistic subject matter could already have some convergence. For instance, if you tend toward nautical décor, perhaps you picked out a seascape such as “The Great Wave of Kanagawa” or the bold, primitivist “Tiger Caught in a Thunder Storm” if you have a jungle or safari theme going on. 



Whether you have a theme or not, another factor to consider is the color scheme of your décor. Needless to say, if you already have green as an accent color, you cannot go wrong with a painting that has greenery -- we have many to choose from in our landscapes! You may also consider color families. For instance, if you decorate with jewel tones, a painting or photograph with rich, contrasting colors would compliment your space perfectly. And if you have minimal or neutral décor, you can get away with just about anything. Colorful paintings would be a stunning pop of color and character, while minimal and understated images would blend well into your décor.



While, from a décor standpoint, there are paintings that would be more aesthetically pleasing on certain walls than other paintings, we still hold that subject matter is the most important factor in choosing wall art. We’re not here to stop you from choosing a painting you genuinely like because it may not fit your space. What if you prefer stark, sleek décor, but love the fanciful colors of an Odilon Redon painting like the “The Cyclops”? 


the cyclops mythology painting home decor


This is when a frame can really help tie it all together! We have a wide range of frames to choose from: wood textured, antique gold, matte silver, sleek black, you name it! Let's say you have ashy gray wood floors or furniture --  you could then conceivably take any painting or image we offer and ask us to construct it in our “Twilight Woods” frame. Or if you like gold hardware, we have a variety of gold frames to choose from, the style ranging from minimal to baroque. With the help of the right frame, your wall art would look right at home.