How to stretch a canvas print?

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How to stretch a canvas print?

 Are you curious about the procedure of stretching a canvas print? And do you know how long it takes for our professional worker to produce one canvas? We will satisfy your curiosity today! Let's us show you how our 40x32" Oversize Van Gogh Reproduction Wall Art canvas is produced!

After assembling the wood stretch bar into the size of frame we want, we are now ready to stretch the print onto the wood frame!

During the stretching process, our worker needs to make sure the print is being stretched tightly so it doesn’t become loose over time.

Insert the staples from the back of the print onto the wood frame while tightening the print. Fold the corners neatly, so it look smooth and flat. Then staple the corners as well.

Lastly, insert the hanger onto the back of the frame, the piece is now ready to hang!


The total time our worker takes to go through all of the above procedures is approximately 8 minutes! quality is our priority for each of the piece produced!