Made in the USA versus Made in China

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Made in the USA versus Made in China

We are proud to say that all of our products are designed, printed, and made in the USA. 


Most other wall art companies outsource the production of their canvases and frames overseas. However, each canvas is printed, stretched, constructed, and packed in our warehouses located  in either Ontario, CA or Sugarland, TX. 

We are able to keep an eye on our daily production, making sure there is nothing wrong with the print quality and that the frames are built to last with the finest craftsmanship. Our items pass through several hands before being shipped off and thus we rarely ship flawed or incorrect items -- though it does happen sometimes, in which case we are happy to replace or refund you. Our excellent customer service team is based in our California office, and not overseas. This ensures faster responses to your inquiries with less misunderstandings. 

We source a combination of imported and domestic materials, making sure it is the best we can find while still being able to offer our reasonable pricing. Our business model is not the most cost effective, but we find that using high quality materials and keeping operations in the United States greatly raises the beauty and consistency of our products and potentially saves us money in the long run. 

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Like any business looking to cut-costs, we have looked into having our more popular items being made in China. However, our research and test orders have shown that the quality just did not meet our standards. Any money we could potentially save would not be worth rebranding our Made in USA roots. We understand it is not worth it to cut corners if it ruins a whole batch of paintings we ship out -- leading to waste, increased shipping costs to cover replacements, and the negative impact an unsatisfied customer can have on our business. 

We understand the importance of a high quality product in an over saturated market. Our customers may not expect that when the performance of our competition is so hit or miss, but since the very bones of our business model are different, we can assure you the quality of our product is much more consistent, your item will not fade nor fall apart over time, and help is much closer.

So for the finest archival giclée prints at affordable price, support an American brand and let DecorArts bring your walls to life!