Polystyrene Framing VS Wood Framing

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Polystyrene Framing VS Wood Framing

Wood is the traditional material used to frame photos, paintings and the like, and has been so for centuries. Wood has its advantages of course. It tends to be strong, durable, and long lasting. Wood has its disadvantages as well, such as overweight, and real wood may attract bug.

A strong competitor for the wood frame in today's marketplace is the polystyrene frame. For one thing, choosing a polystyrene frame is often the most cost efficient approach, but there are other advantages polystyrene could have as well.
Although polystyrene frame costs less, they do still feature the look of real wood, bamboo, metal, or practically any other material you can think of. Being inexpensive does not mean that polystyrene frames are low in quality. In actual fact these frames are lightweight and exceptionally durable quality; polystyrene frames are moisture resistant, strong and durable.