The Effect a Frame Can Make 

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The Effect a Frame Can Make 

We often talk about the history and technique of the paintings meant to decorate your walls, but frames are important as well! Here are 3 different frames and why they work in their respective environments.

Tiger Caught in a Storm by Henri Rousseau

This painting is ‘Tiger in a Tropical Storm’, a painting by Henri Rousseau. Since the living room has a wildlife theme, with plenty of plants and animals on the cushions, this painting works very well already. The frame around it is genuine wood and has elements of nature in the carved design, which is the perfect extension of the jungle and blends with the living room.


Cafe terrace at night by vincent van gogh


This blue living room contains little accents of gold as bright points. The painting, 'Café Terrace at Night' by Vincent Van Gogh, complements this décor well as a predominantly blue paint with deep colors and bright points of light with the lit café and the stars in the sky. The gold frame is a bold, shining focal point, but fits well with the painting and living room.


impression sunrise by claude monet


This one is a bit trickier, but here is why we think it works. A silver frame may seem like a more natural choice for this gray neutral room, but really any frame could work here. The choice of the bronze frame was inspired by the warm brown accent color found in the throw and cushion. The frame looks intentional as another element in the consistent accent color, and now any painting could work on this wall. Here, we chose “Impressions Sunrise” by Claude Monet.