Wall Decor in the Time of Covid

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Wall Decor in the Time of Covid

Covid-19 is a terrible virus that has ravaged the world over the past 2 years. The early days of Covid-19 are unforgettable, marked by world wide fear and uncertainty. After more information and medical advancements, Covid-19, and all preceding strains, is now something we just live with. Though still a dangerous virus, it no longer arouses the same state of panic, but still casts a shadow over our collective consciousness.

What does Covd-19 have to do with wall art you may wonder? Our business saw an increase in sales in the earlier days of the pandemic. As people could no longer bring their friends into their homes, we have sent them companions such as the famously enigmatic Mona Lisa, the Interesting members of Renoir’s ‘Boating Party,’ the lively ballerinas of Degas. And when people could not leave their homes, we brought them the National Parks masterfully rendered by the American painters of the Hudson River School , the French Country Side as captured by the founder of Impressionism, and stunning photographs of the most scenic places on Earth.


hudson river school storm over sierra mountains national park


And we have found that celebrations went on in their own way. Our personalized art is typically bought as wedding or anniversary gifts or for family reunions. Despite the restrictions of social gathering, these items also saw an increase in sales. 

lovers road crossing signs romantic gift for anniversary

There was a general increase in online shopping as people quarantined and spent record amounts of time at home, but this momentum wasn’t the only cause for the interest in wall art during the pandemic. As remote working became the norm, our customers decorated walls behind their desk for zoom meetings and remote teaching. While part of decorating is to impress others, it also makes complete sense that spending more time at home would motivate you to create a more beautiful and stimulating environment for yourself or your family. The timeless debate is whether art imitates life or life imitates art. The realities of the world caused a need for art in the home. Now going forward, even as we open up again, our idea of the home has been reframed (pun not intended), and we believe personal touches and self expression will be a mainstay in décor.

Running operations and surviving as a small business was no small feat during the pandemic. Some of our suppliers had to shut down, and shipping services were overwhelmed and less reliable. We are blessed by our customers keeping us afloat and understanding the delays that could happen during this time. Each year brings a new challenge but, no matter what, we will continue to work hard to bring you the best in wall décor with the finest quality and service at a reasonable price!