What is Triptych Canvas?

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What is Triptych Canvas?

The word triptych (pronounced trip-tick) has its origins in the Greek 'triptykhos' meaning "three-layered." It is simply having a picture printed on three panels. If you are interested in triptych art décor, check out DecorArts's Triptych landscape prints!



Triptych provides a new way of viewing art for audiences. With three panels, it is able to form a beginning, middle, and end story to a piece of painting. Separating a painting into three panels allows the audience to examine each panel with various perspective, thus to create a different feeling and understanding of the painting.


In addition, triptych is a way of making the transportation of large painting, as well as making storage and display of large canvas much simpler!


When hanging triptych, one should be aware of the height and space between each panel. Be sure to measure the space you would like to leave in between each panel before hanging them onto the wall.