Stretched Canvas
Stretched Canvas
Stretched Canvas
Golden Frame
Black Frame
Golden Frame

Water Lily Pond 1914. Claude Monet Art Reproduction.

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Size: 16x16 in

16x16 in
20x20 in
24x24 in
20x20 in + Frame
24x24 in + Frame

Color: Canvas

Framed (F36)
Framed (F85)

The Bridge over the Water Lily Pond (1914), by Claude Monet. After he purchased a property at Giverny in 1893, Monet transformed the soft and wet land behind his home into a pond, and he built a Japanese-style wood bridge. The artist produced a series of sensational paintings on water lilies and with many designs that he painted during 1899 to 1900s.

The term, Giclee printing, is a process uses fade-resistant, archival inks and archival substrates to print by large professional or industrial printers. Giclee printing is mostly used by artists to make reproductions of their original artwork, photographs, or computer generated art for resale while preserving the original.

A canvas is stretched over a instretcher bar in and instapled in to a wooden frame. Then, it may be framed or just left as it is with the stretcher bar with a basic, exhibition-like look. Stretched paintings/prints are brighter, sharper, and less likely to be vulnerable to dust and damages.

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16x16 in, 20x20 in, 24x24 in, 20x20 in + Frame, 24x24 in + Frame


Canvas, Framed (F36), Framed (F85)