Stretched Canvas
Stretched Canvas
Stretched Canvas
Golden Frame
Golden Frame

Woman with a Parasol (facing left) 1886. Claude Monet.

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Size: 20x16 in

20x16 in
24x20 in
30x24 in
20x16 in + Frame
24x20 in + Frame

Color: Canvas

Framed (F85)

The Impressionist, Monet, depicted his wife Camille Monet and their son Jean Monet in the period from 1871 to 1877. While they were living Argenteuil, he captured a moment on a stroll on a windy summer's day. Monet's light and spontaneous brushwork on Mrs. Monet's veil her billowing white dress, the waving grass of the meadow was echoed by the green underside of her parasol. A boy, their seven-year-old son, was placed further away, concealed behind a rise in the ground, only visible from the waist up, and creating a sense of depth. The art was a genre painting of an everyday family scene and not a formal portrait. The work was painted outdoors, quickly, and probably in a single period of a few hours.

What is Gallery Wrap? A gallery-wrap canvas does not show any visible staples or nails holding the fabric (canvas) to the stretchers on the sides. Quite often with a gallery-wrap canvas, the edges are painted, and the painting hung unframed.

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20x16 in, 24x20 in, 30x24 in, 20x16 in + Frame, 24x20 in + Frame


Canvas, Framed (F85)