Avant Garde Composition with Prism.

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Size: 20x16 in

20x16 in
24x20 in
30x24 in

Color: Canvas

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A graphically inclined take on wall art, this polyhedron with painted textures is modern and playful. Very versatile, it would look great in a living room, study, office, or even your bedroom. In any case, it would add a quirky, contemplative, and cerebral vibe to any space you choose.

What is Abstract Art and what does it mean?

Modern abstract art is fascinating because people seem to have extremely different views on it. Some believe it to be random, confusing, and devoid of meaning. While others proclaim it is the only art that speaks to the soul.

Wherever you fall on the spectrum, it is undeniable that Abstract Art has been a long lasting trend in Modern Interior Design. There is an appeal and decorative value of abstracted paintings that have adorned many walls in homes, offices, hospitals, banks, etc. Despite its ubiquity in many spaces, perhaps many are not familiar with the rich history behind Abstract Art.

Abstract art uses pure visual language of shape, form, color and line to create a composition which departs to a certain degree from any visual references in the world. It is an art movement of the modern age, a response to all the art movements of the past, which in themselve are a response to social issues and technological advancements during the corresponding time period. Abstract art, at its core, asks the central question: What is art? 

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20x16 in, 24x20 in, 30x24 in