Taylor Swift appears to be Charlie Puth’s ‘Hero’ in just-dropped track

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Taylor Swift appears to be Charlie Puth’s ‘Hero’ in just-dropped track
Charlie Puth expresses gratitude towards a significant figure in his life, strongly suggesting that the person in question is Taylor Swift.
The singer of "One Call Away" released a new single titled "Hero" last Friday, seemingly in response to Swift's mention of him in the title track of her latest album, "The Tortured Poets Department".
In the song, Swift sings in the second verse, "You smoked, then ate seven bars of chocolate / We declared Charlie Puth should be a bigger artist."
On Friday night, Puth shared about his new song on Instagram, accompanied by a video clip of him lip-syncing to the track.
In text overlaid on the video, Puth acknowledged that "the last couple of weeks have been really crazy for obvious reasons," but now he had something to share with his fans and followers.
He then revealed that the new song is "about my friend called ‘Hero,’” and admitted feeling "a little nervous being overly honest in my music which is why this was sitting on my hard drive for a while."
“But I think someone out there was giving me a sign that I needed to release it,” Puth continued.
“So… I Declare that ‘Hero’ will be out everywhere on May 24th as the first single of my new album,” he added, a lyrical nod to Swift’s declaration on “Poets.”
In the caption, he wrote, “Thank you…you know who you are.”
Puth's admiration for Swift's musical talent is well-documented.
Not only has he been known to cover her songs during concerts, but in 2022, a video of him praising her musical talents went viral.
“Sidebar, this has nothing to do with anything – Taylor Swift is the queen of these types of chords,” he told attendees at his New York City concert at the time, as he played her song “Teardrops On My Guitar.”